Week 124 - WVON E. Rodney Jones Aircheck 1964 Reel - Tape Findings
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Week 124 – WVON E. Rodney Jones Aircheck 1964 Reel

This is one of my all-time favorite finds and a truly historic recording of the early years of broadcasting from the Chicago R & B station WVON.  This station was started in 1963 by the owners of Chess Records and became widely popular due to it’s DJ’s and music variety.  This recording showcases the popular E. Rodney Jones and contains some excellent selection of sides by Ray Charles, Irma Thomas, Accents, Johnny Gibson and a cool Muddy Waters promo.  Plus some amazing ads, news and radio banter.

WVON E. Rodney Jones Aircheck Reel 1964 18:48
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