Week 20 - Guest Find - Ken Sims pt.1 - Tape Findings
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Guest Find

Week 20 – Guest Find – Ken Sims pt.1

Who is Ken Sims? Someone recently sent me an amazing collection of found home recordings from a Kentucky native named Ken Sims. These recordings span from the late 70’s through the late 80’s and consist of songs, interviews with friends, comedy skits, and other stuff. The collection was found in Indiana in the late 90s and consisted of reel-to-reels and a bunch of cassettes. This week features samples from a cassette that was labeled “Radio” and seems to be a collage of all the times Ken was on the radio in the 80’s .

Much much more amazing stuff from this collection to come in future weeks. 

If you have any comments about these finds or information about Ken Sims please contact the finder at kentuckysims@yahoo.com

Radio Call Pranks (8.32)
Mike Hunt (2.35)
Ken Sims Wins (15.12)